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H&R Block, Inc. Reviews

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  • H&R Block- Unprofessional and degrading!

    I went to H&R Block last year to have my taxes completed, with the understanding that they would complete my federal return for free and my state return for a small fee. The rep completed my taxes before mentioning any fees at all. When she finished my returns, she informed me the fee would be $220!! I was baffled, and explained that there was no way I could afford the fee prior to the April 15th deadline which was only 3 days away. I left H&R Block feeling awful...how was I going to get my taxes done and taken care of now? For the next 2 weeks, the rep continued to call me several... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    nmwittfoth's Picture   nmwittfoth    0 Comments   Comments
  • H & R Block Educational Credit Errors

    Last year I paid $25 for a tax return this year they charged me over $100 and my federal refund has been delayed because of an error?? What happened to the "tax experts"?? H & R Block REALLY screwed up and they should offer at least a partial refund especially to loyal customers that have been with them for years. Unbelievable that they think we'll all forget this next year. There's a petition on Change.org - let's boycott and get the news out that H &R Block does not value their customers! Their Corporate Complaint number is 800-472-5625. More...
    Tickedofflady's Picture   Tickedofflady    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Customer Service

    The worst experience I ever had. I went to H&R block for assistance in filing my state tax in Lindenhurst, NY at about 9:38pm. Needless to say this will be the last time I ever walk into that place again. A woman named Regina took me over to her desk to start the return. From the very beginning she was rude. She would walk to the back saying things like "I'm about to tell him to go the hell home" and complain about the fact that I was there right before they closed. I didn't react I just let it go and thought to myself maybe she's running late about something.... More...
  • Taxes filed wrong

    My stepmother went to H&R Block for the fourth year this year. Suddenly they wanted to charge her $210.- instead of the $ 180.- as they did previously. After she complained they reduced the fee (very arbitrarily it seems). Then for the first time in fours years they told her she had to pay taxes on her social security income although nothing had changed. She knew something was wrong and went to a free tax provider at the senior center. There they amended her return and told her she would receive taxes back as in the previous years. She went back to H&R Block to retrieve the tax fee... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    jenbe's Picture   jenbe    0 Comments   Comments
  • Washington DC, Horrible service and overcharged

    I am an American living in the Netherlands. I have used the 2020 K St. NW Washington DC H&R Block to file my taxes for a few years, mainly online, but recently through a tax agent in the office. I am very unhappy with the service I received from the H&R Block tax agent and office manager of the 2020 K St. NW Washington DC office, Alfred Pinkett. It has taken over 2 months to file Federal and State tax returns, and the charges totaled$435. I filed a complaint with H&R Block on March 18, 2012. I am also dissatisfied with the duration of the complaint investigation and results... More...
    Tavis's Picture   Tavis    0 Comments   Comments
  • Will NEVER go to H & R Block again

    After going to H & R BLOCK for the past 15 years to file my federal, state and local return and receiveing the emerald Advance AKA "holiday loan" since that started, I was told this year that I DIDN'T qualify for the loan! I pay them over $300 ecah year in fees and I have my payroll deposited on their card and they still denied me! Due to this, I will NEVER go there again. I will give someone else my money to do it. Then when you call to discuss it, you can't reach the bank directly, only their customer service dept which is like talking to robots who don't... More...
    tlsmith's Picture   tlsmith    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mislead and lied to!

    I went to H&R Block this year expecting to get the same great service i received last year. After calling the appointment line to try to get in for a Emerald Advance i was given the wrong appointment day and wrong office and when i showed up to where i thought my appointment was i was told i had no appointment scheduled there. I had asked the appointment line guy if i could just walk in and be seen and he said no i had to make a appointment and found out later that was a lie. Anyways i apply for the advance with someone who was at least 80 (not lying) and said he had not done a Emerald... More...
  • Taxes

    I have been going to H&R Block for a few years now, and have had an "ok" experience...until I get home yesterday and have a letter in the mail from the IRS. I open it and it tells me I owe them over $6,000 in Federal alone. I took the letter down to the H&R Block office I did my taxes at and they told me I did not supply all of my W2's, so I pull out my copy of the return and show them I indeed DID bring everything into them. They review everything and tell me "i'm sorry, i didn't see this one". Then continued to tell me since my husband and I... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    hmmwhatnow's Picture   hmmwhatnow    1 Comments   Comments
  • 2007 tax return messed up

    When we went to H&R Block in Memphis in 2008,me and my wife filed a 2007 tax return with them. Later we had to file a amended return with them because the Ira's that I withdraw from my accounts were not put on the original tax return right meaning that we owed back to the IRS 1200 dollars which we paid. In 2009, they found another error concerning that we should have claimed social security disability payments to my wife for the year 2007. My wife talked to the local office before it closed in April and they were supposed to take care of problem and get us back money thru the... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Michael2007t's Picture   Michael2007t    0 Comments   Comments
  • H&R Block Customer Service The runaround

    Two years ago H&R Block missed a simple real estate tax deduction. I found out the following year that it cost me $137. A CPA who had done my taxes the following year found the mistake and charged me $30 to amend. I told H&R Block of their mistake to no avail. Here it is two years later and I still haven't received my tax money owed to me. But I am up for review according to the state. I tried contacting H&R block again to tell them the trouble they have caused me. Which has turned to deaf ears. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Darrel's Picture   Darrel    0 Comments   Comments
  • Very Penetrating

    I must admit H&R Blocks motto, "You've Got Friends" is perfectly correct but they don't advise you the friends are like those in the ghetto. They are your est friends til the end and then they stick it to you dry!!! My returns over the past few years have averaged about 70 bucks to include itemizing but this year the total was $142.00 w/o itemizing. The cost of the forms for Federal and the State of CO were almost $100.00. I believe, before a return is calculated H&R Block should be required to disclose how much the base fee is. Yes, I asked that they say... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    PuckerFactor's Picture   PuckerFactor    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible experience

    I just received a letter from the IRS regarding my taxes from last year. It appears there is a mistake and I owe an additional 1500.00 I filed my returns with HR Block on Wisconsin ave, Chevy Chase MD. This is a "specialty office" so you pay more for your returns. I called and spoke to the person who filed for me. She assured me that she would fit me in Saturday and call back. I didnt hear back and called again today. I spoke to an incompetent unprofessional receptionist - IRIS who should be put out of her misery. She started laughing when I told her about the letter and then... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    alikitty32's Picture   alikitty32    0 Comments   Comments
  • outrageous fees

    I've used H&R Block for many years and never questioned the fee. This year when we were done and I was told the charge was over $500.00 I was very upset. The preparer told me the computer deleted my information and had to be reentered and that H&R would reimburse me. I've called many times and til no answer. Also ask for an itemized bill to see just how they are charging you. I am very unhappy with them and will not return unless they fix this problem!!!! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    nickie's Picture   nickie    0 Comments   Comments

    This is the worst service ever from appointment down to the supervisor Ms. Ferguson. I called to make my appointment over the phone and one of the representatives took all my information; name, social security number and phone number telling me our appointment was schedule and to come in at the appointment time. So I get to the office and there was no appointment in system, the staff acted as if they didn't know what they were doing. So I advised the young lady at the front desk I have taxes which requires a exceptional representative and instead of giving me what I ask for she... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Raynell's Picture   Raynell    1 Comments   Comments
  • H&R Block

    I usually e-file my taxes every year and i planned on doing them again this year so i did, then when i saw the refund cycle i got nervous do to a possible forclosure on my home. So instead of paying 14.00 to e-file myself what i had already done, I went to H & R block to get it back in 1-2 days and save my house. Now what happened is this, 417.00 preparers fee and a precentage of my return for rapid service 1-2 day return, has gotten me nowhere i do not qualify for the rapid refund, but, they could not tell me this before i spent 417 on filing something i had already done, i could... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    arather's Picture   arather    0 Comments   Comments
  • Outrageous Charges

    Last year I switched from an accountant to H & R Block to do my tax return and that of my mother. Although the charge to do the return was about the same, it was easier to get to H & R Block. This year, however, the amount I was charged for my tax return more than doubled and my mothers was $225.00 more than last year. Although my return included rental property income which was not on last year's return, I did not feel that $242.00 more for that one additional piece of work was warranted. I really felt ripped off. Worse yet, there was no difference between my... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Wanda's Picture   Wanda    2 Comments   Comments

    I wanted to file my income taxes so on my lunch break I walked to H&R block to do so. Said hi to the receptionist ask how long was the wait time. She told me 30-40 min. After waiting for 30-40min. A hispanic couple walked in and signed in and start to talk to the receptionist. The receptionist called over the tax agent and was saying something in spanish. so the two turned to me and the recptionist told me that the agent was going to see the hispanic coulple first because they did not speak english and the agent that I was waiting for spoke spanish. After the couple waited 10min. the... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    yarrie34's Picture   yarrie34    1 Comments   Comments

H&R Block, Inc. Reviews By Product

H&R Block, Inc. Comments

Jbeau819 says: (5 years ago)
I did mt taxes at H&R block they were not submitted and i am not convienced they did them right so my question is can i take my taxes somewhere else?

HRSCREWEME says: (8 years ago)
H&R Block has screwed up my taxes so bad. These people hire non english speaking people who do not know anything about the tax system. If I can say anything I would say STAY AWAY FROM H&R BLOCK.

Go anywhere elese. You'll be better off.

bower says: (9 years ago)
My experience with H&R Block has been a Nightmare. I travel for a living which intales going to several states to work in. The lady that did my taxes had no clue how to handle this and get the right deductions for me although I had already done all the footwork and had all the deductions she needed. Unfortunely for me this woman appeared to have no idea how to do her job. So, after a couple of weeks of waiting for her to do my taxes, she calls and says we can't do this and we can't do that, in which last year and years in the past this is the way I've always have done my taxes. So, when it was time to sign my taxes I made an appointment and when I go to sign them, the office is closed. No one there! And on top of things the office will not be open again until November. So, I call,and then they tell me we'll send your taxes to you. Well I am yet to recieve my taxes in the mail and these people were'nt even intellegent enough to file an extension with the IRS. I am still calling to find out were my tax papers are. And to make matters worse they couldn't find them and you get the run around on were to go to get them. If anyone has any suggestion on what to do in this matter, I would appreciate some advice on what to do. Because my taxes are late and I am going to get penaulized for there faulty services.

AngryWithHandRBlock says: (9 years ago)
I have used H&R Block for many years. This year was the topper. Last year i went for the Emerald Card. It too a month and a half to get my money loaded onto my card. This year I decided to do the paper check. My total fees were $479.45. I want everyone to know that they can go to www.irs.gov and file for free. this is a government web site. The girl who did our taxes was fired the day after she completed our taxes. She was fired for messing up on almost all the taxes she had done. Every year, when i walk into the office there is always different people. I paid for the 1-2 day refund. Today was the two week mark and no tax refund yet. I opted to have my state and was was owed to me from the stimulus package mailed. I got a call yesterday telling me that our check was there. I had everything planned out, made my phone calls, planned on paying my bills that got behind. My bills got behind because my daughter was in the hospital for a month. I was unable to work. I was excited about the phone call. When i got there a lady handed me a check for $101. I was like, no this isnt right, my refund was more that $7,000. Come to find out it was my state refund that was suppose to be mailed to me. My state refund was almost $600 so where did the other $500 go? Nobody could tell me. Now that i look at my returns, someone put direct deposit on it. ITS NOT EVEN MY BANK ROUTING NUMBER OR ACCOUNT NUMBER!!!!!I am furious and will NEVER use H&R Block again.

codie says: (9 years ago)
H&R Block is a rip off....here is a letter i sent them....

January 29, 2009
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing in regards to several problems we had while filing our 2008 tax return with the H&R Block located on Frank Street in Lufkin Texas.
First, I just want to say, every year I prepare our taxes through Turbo Tax. Every year I pay $80.00, and have them done within an hour or two, with no problems whatsoever. This year, a friend told me H&R Block had an Instant RAL return, where I could get our refund the same day, or next day at the latest. I kept seeing commercials about how wonderful and professional H&R Block was, and that you offer a satisfaction guarantee, so I thought I would give it a try.
The lady that prepared our return was so sweet, and I hate to complain because she was so nice….but the fact of the matter is that we ended up paying $600 for a service that we are unhappy with. Below is a list of everything that happened that we are completely unsatisfied with.
1. Our appointment was at 6:30pm, and I didn’t leave until after 10:00pm.
2. I had to tell the tax preparer what forms to use (schedule C), how to fill out self employed forms, how to do the 1099’s, what was deductible, etc. So I basically paid $600 for doing my taxes myself.
3. I was repeatedly told, by three different ladies in the office, that there was no First Time Homebuyers Credit. I had to tell them that it was a Form 5405, that it was new, and that they could find more info on the IRS website. After about 45 minutes, they figured it out. I wonder how many people missed out on this credit because the preparers had never heard of it.
4. I was repeatedly told that we did qualify for the Rapid Refund and that we would have our tax return within 1-2 days. I told them that this is the whole reason that I came to H&R Block, because I want to get our return back quicker every year…..AGAIN I was told that we were approved.
5. I was not happy with a $600 fee especially since I did most of the work myself, so I called and asked for a supervisor. I was given a number to Janet Lyndsey, who was at some sort of retreat in Beaumont, Texas. She told me that she was there with someone even higher up than her, and that she would call me back that day or the next morning. She told me to go ahead and file, and she would see how much money they could refund back to us from the $600 in fees. I have never heard back from her, although I have left messages for her.
6. I went back in H&R Block to sign all the papers and go ahead and file. The same lady that prepared our taxes was not in, and the girl that ended up printing out everything for us was extremely cocky and rude. She told me that if I wasn’t happy with their service, that I could go somewhere else. I told her that if I hadn’t already spent a total of 6 hours of my time in here, and since I had spoken to a supervisor, that I wanted to go ahead and file.
7. After everything had been signed and filed….this girl informed me that only $648 could be refunded by the RAL….and that we would have to wait 15 days for the rest of it. I told her that was the whole reason we even came here, and that we needed this money ASAP. But by then, she said there was nothing she could do.

Now we are not going to get our return until February 10th. If I would have gone ahead and filed with Turbo Tax, we would already have our money, or at the very latest would be getting it tomorrow (January 30th). We needed this money immediately. My husband’s work truck is broken down and this is affecting our business. I told the people at H&R Block this and everyone I spoke with said we qualified for the RAL.
I am extremely frustrated and upset with this entire situation, especially since no one has called me back and no one seems to care at all. We have owned a business for 5 years and I cannot imagine treating any of our clients this way.
I would like to be refunded the fees charged for filing and to find out if this is how all H&R Block offices operate, or did I just go to the wrong office. Your prompt response and attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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